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An online magazine, "Fussed"
describe her work as follows:
By Maxine HarrisThere is a kind of quintessential charm found in Suzette’s paintings. Her themes of love, forests and houses lead into her charm offensive, as she paints them the primary colours of red, blue and yellow (and their variants), reminding us of childhood, and adding to the quaint tone already implemented by her subjects.Suzette’s paintings play into the concept of lost Britain, “the way it used to be”. This is a concept which has been popularised by programmes such as Miss Marple, and reruns of The Last of the Summer Wine, showing countryside Britain, funny Britain, and simple Britain. We look to the past with rose-tinted spectacles and nostalgia-glistened thoughts, something captured so easily by the mist and simplicity of Suzette’s paintings.

Feel free to contact Suzette Datema regarding prices on the sales of her stunning art work.

Suzette Datema
0787 2694 586 UK

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