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Welcome to my website and gallery.

My name is Henning Ras, I am a lifestyle landscape and event photographer residing in Kent. My favourite thought about photography is the science behind how light is captured on film or with digital and then produce beautiful photographs. That’s why I feel that photography is an art form and beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.

Most landscape photographers only shoot about 10 or 15 minutes before and after sunrise and sunset to capture the blue and yellows in the sky but I find that I am able to capture a different beauty about a landscape after midnight, especially while everyone is tucked up in bed and the streets are empty and quiet. I do not leave until I feel I have really captured the perfect shot, perhaps it is a good thing that I have always been more nocturnal!

Many times I have shown people my night-time photography and they were amazed to see what their town or countryside looked like from my perspective. I love to shoot in black and white and most of my images do not need re-touching and are straight out of the camera raw untouched beauty.

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Guestbook for Henning Ras Photography
kelvain curtis(non-registered)
Hi Henning Ras I spoke to you last night about you and your camera's at the wedding reception of Georgnina and Anthony,

To say the least your attendance and the way you covered THEIR special day was second to none, I personally have never seen three photographers at a wedding take so much care and do so much.

to make a day so special for those you have been asked "to work for" taking photographs is not work its "passion" you either do it and make it good or you don't do

Kind regards and well done, "your web site is brilliant to"

from Kelvin Curtis in Istead Rise
Henning Ras Photography
An online magazine, "Fussed"
describe her work as follows:
By Maxine HarrisThere is a kind of quintessential charm found in Suzette’s paintings. Her themes of love, forests and houses lead into her charm offensive, as she paints them the primary colours of red, blue and yellow (and their variants), reminding us of childhood, and adding to the quaint tone already implemented by her subjects.Suzette’s paintings play into the concept of lost Britain, “the way it used to be”. This is a concept which has been popularised by programmes such as Miss Marple, and reruns of The Last of the Summer Wine, showing countryside Britain, funny Britain, and simple Britain. We look to the past with rose-tinted spectacles and nostalgia-glistened thoughts, something captured so easily by the mist and simplicity of Suzette’s paintings.

Feel free to contact Suzette Datema regarding prices on the sales of her stunning art work.

Suzette Datema
0787 2694 586 UK
Henning, you captured the day very well and we appreciate your talented style. Well done!
hannetjie van zyl
Henning, jy mag maar. Dis beautiful. Dis definitief baaaie beter as onderwys. Sterkte my ou maat, woeker met jou Godgegewe talente.
Liezle Wilken(non-registered)
In the past 10 years I've seen you grown into a professional photographer. You definitely developed a good sense of joining art with the technology.. that is what is making the difference. I look forward watching your work, for it became some of my favourities. Good luck for the future developing this wonderful gift..